Works I've Edited

Captain Casual ebook Cover.png

by J. Lee Smrz

DASTARDLY DANGER! MALICIOUS ROBOTS! SUPERHEROES THAT TRIP OVER THEIR OWN TWO FEET! This book has it all, and MORE! Join the Amazing Captain Casual and friends on his thrilling first adventure! Journey along with him as he takes on a (reluctant) brand new sidekick, fights old villains (who really might not be all that bad?), and learns the true meaning of friendship (while trying not to screw it all up)!

Coming out September 9th, 2017


Works I've Written

The Shopkeeper and The Thief Cover.png

by Lynne Fetter

Malisande has run her corner items shop for many years, but in all that time recurring customers have been rare, with one exception—a girl with a knack for selling prize possessions whom she strongly suspects is a thief. As such, when it turns out the girl has sold Malisande something she shouldn't have, Malisande agrees it can be sold back to her—for a highly inflated price.

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